Monday, April 19, 2010

Sopheary can stand/pull herself up

I am so excited that she can do this, but yet nervous about all the things that comes with it. She started today in the morning by going over to our tub and pulled herself up to grab her bath duckie. Her dad told me about it and I blew it off. Oh, it just happened once no big deal. Probably a fluke thing...then later we were at my mom's house and she stood up again. I was on the couch and she crawled over to me, looked up, smiled, and then grabbed onto the couch and pulled herself up. She stood there for quite some time until she lost her balance and then fell over backwards. Lots of crying....then after a while she crawled to one of those toy things that you play with while you stand up(it's got music, lights and all kinds of fancy stuff on it) and pulled herself up again!! That is 3 times today. I am so proud of her! I wish I had taken our camera with me to my mom's, but I didn't because I didn't want to carry too many things! (I say that a lot. Maybe I'll learn my lesson this time)????


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