Friday, November 28, 2014

4th of July Shirts

I think I've talked about this before, but we have a tradition of designing our own flag shirts to wear for Independence Day. And as usual, Magnus always picks the same design. I guess when he likes something, he really likes something!

My favorite this year is Soph's. I went a little daring and used two designs instead of one. Wowza! I lead such a radical life! haha 

And Odin's was the most easiest to do! Once I had a star template on the freezer paper, all I did was take the eraser part of a pencil, did it in paint and dot the shirt with it. So simple, so easy, but so cute!

 Here's all of the shirts. Did I mention, I am such a procrastinator??? We made these shirts the morning of the party.. At one point a blow dryer was used to speed up the drying process. Yeah, please don't be like me...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lonesome Carrot

Over the summer of last year, we planted carrots. None of it came up and we forgot all about it. Then one day, we saw big green leaves. We thought it was a carrot, but it was almost a year old, it couldn't be. We pulled it up and sure enough it was a carrot! The seed must not have sprouted until later on in the season. Or last least that's what I'm saying...It's much better than saying we ate a carrot that was a year old. Ha!

It was actually pretty good. It tasted a little more like dirt than store bought carrots. I'm not quite sure why or whether it was normal. This was our first one ever! 

This is the start of her perfection to the eye rolls. It's funny now, not so much when she is doing it to you.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Graeagle Fun

We kicked off summer vacation with a trip to Graeagle, CA. Graeagle is a small town,about an hour north of Truckee. We've gotten really good at road tripping to Tahoe now, that we can make the drive without stopping. Although, we did stop in Truckee for groceries and while we were there, we had Panda Express for lunch! Ack, what was I thinking?!?


Graeagle is beautiful! It's so small town, so slow pace. We loved it here. Thanks to our friends the Kilbys for sharing their vacation home with us. There was a small fishing/swimming pond down the road that we patronized everyday. Every morning John took the kids fishing, then they'd come home for lunch and naps, then in the evening we went out swimming. It was great! After swimming, we'd take the kids to the General Store and ruin their appetite for dinner by giving them ice cream. But we were on vacation! And it was hot! And it was a treat! And yummy! 
We'd sit on their porch, eat our ice cream and watch for any cars that would drive by. That's because it is so small town that only 1 or 2 cars would pass by in the 30 mins while we ate. Glorious! So different than our town. 

Here, they are exploring the property. No, that is not poop that the boys are playing with. They found ants in the water bowl and stuck a piece of wood in it to see what the ants would do. And the ants! They were so big. Much bigger than the ones we have here at home. 

Isn't that Odin silly! He loves putting himself in a box, or a laundry basket, or a storage cube.

The silly people hanging on for fun. 

On our last day, we stopped at a BBQ joint for lunch. It was nothing worth writing about. We did fill our time posing for some pics. 

As we were driving home, someone had a tummy ache from the BBQ(we won't mention who). We pulled into a rest stop and the children found this little hill. So they ran up the hill, they ran down the hill. It sure doesn't take much to entertain our kids! And whatever the big ones does, the little does too.

Thank you Kilbys for helping us make memories! The best sleep we ever had on vacation!

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