Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lonesome Carrot

Over the summer of last year, we planted carrots. None of it came up and we forgot all about it. Then one day, we saw big green leaves. We thought it was a carrot, but it was almost a year old, it couldn't be. We pulled it up and sure enough it was a carrot! The seed must not have sprouted until later on in the season. Or last least that's what I'm saying...It's much better than saying we ate a carrot that was a year old. Ha!

It was actually pretty good. It tasted a little more like dirt than store bought carrots. I'm not quite sure why or whether it was normal. This was our first one ever! 

This is the start of her perfection to the eye rolls. It's funny now, not so much when she is doing it to you.


  1. Have you read the Harold Crockett's book The Carrot Seed? (Mindy, not Dean)

    1. I haven't Aunt Mindy. I'll have to look into it!


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