Saturday, April 25, 2015

1st Missing Tooth

When Magnus was younger, it took him a while to loose any teeth. He was probably one of the last ones in his class. So we were quite surprise when Soph lost her's at only 5 years and 3 months. 

One week, she kept telling us that her teeth were hurting her. If you know this girl, anytime someone doesn't feel well, she doesn't feel well either. DON'T ever take a Pepto beside her because her stomach will start to hurt also and she MUST take a Pepto too! So we don't take her "pain" seriously. Then one day, John tells me her teeth were looking weird. I took one look at it and sure enough it was so loose that it was all crazy crooked. 

A few days later, John had the kids clean the car before we went on a trip. They were probably alone for about 2 mins, when John brings in Soph and her tooth in his hand. 

The story goes, they were "cleaning" and Magnus sat on her head and out came the tooth. Gah, these children!!!

Friday, January 9, 2015

2014-2015 School Year

How blessed I am to be able to teach our children! Not just their hearts, but their minds too. This is our 5th year of homeschooling and I think we are finally in a groove. Don't let the number of years discourage you, though. God is good and if this is what he's called for you, it will happen!

 This year, more than ever, we are homeschooling with intention. That means being prepared. Going to bed on time, lesson planning, waking up to the alarm clock. Things are going more smoothly. Hearts and minds are being shaped. 

Here are the goof balls on their way to our first Academy Day. I'm always late in writing the back to school post and in the 3 months from this picture, they both look so different. It saddens my heart a little to see them growing. They will never be this size. ever. again. Exhale.

This year I was privileged to kick off AD with teaching the letter A. What a better way to learn about A than with applesauce! We chopped these up in class, added a little water, put a cover on and in the microwave it went. 

Aren't these the cutest applesauce samplers ever?!? Like I said, what a privilege to teach these kids. They are so bright, funny, and sweet.

They did a drawing and writing of their opinion of applesauce. Not sure what Soph was drawing here, but that's pretty good penmanship for the beginning of the school year.

Our Picture Day picture.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Camping for 5

We love camping, but haven't been since we had Soph. That's quite some time ago. We don't like to do anything when the kids are little for fear of them acting out. When we had Magnus we didn't take any vacations until he was about 2. By the time Soph was 2, I was pregnant with Odin. And there was no way, we were going with 2 little ones in tow. Do you know how dirty they would get! Yes, I know that camping and dirty are synonymous of each other.

I love how Magnus is showing his sister how to hammer down the stake. He's got a few camping trips under his belt!

We borrowed this chair from a friend and oh my goodness, Odin was in love with it! He wore this anytime he wasn't sitting in it!!! Thank you Lea Ann and Grace!

What's a camping trip without roasting marshmallows???

I love this picture of Magnus. This is what childhood and life should be about. All the cares cast aside and soaking in the glory of the skies.

When you're camping at the beach, you must also play in the sand. I appreciate that I have a kid that doesn't like to get dirty/messy. So this is the closest Odin will get to be being dirty.

On the other hand, I have 2 other ones, who doesn't give a hoot what I think! Look at them, ridiculous. This was after they had their breakfast. John too them down to the beach while I cleaned up camp. He came up to get the camera and when he got back, he found this. I would've freaked out! It's a good thing dad was there!!!

 We told Odin to get closer to his siblings for the pic and this was close enough for him. Ha! That. for sure, is a child of mine! I think they took half the beach home with them. There was sand in every nook and cranny...

Friday, January 2, 2015

30 Years of Blessed Love

We have been friends with these lovely folks for many many years and what a blessing they are in our lives. They are patient, loving, generous, wise, pun-tastic, inspiring, a seeker of God, and so on and so on. I think you get the jest of how awesome they are! haha 

They are so awesome, in fact, that we share the same wedding anniversary! Unintended, of course. I met them when John and I were dating. John has known them since they started going to church together. One of the bigger influences in John's walk with the Lord. They were the ones we had premarital counseling with, the ones we called when we needed counseling in our marriage, and the ones who we share our struggles and joys with. Phew, that's quite a friendship!!!

What an honor it was to be with them when their daughter surprised them with an anniversary party! 

We had a game of, How Well Do You Know Your Spouse. How amazing it was that they got just about all the correct answers to the questions! Hmm, we've been married 1/2 of the time and I don't think I can answer too many questions correctly about John! 

I can't remember what the question was for this answer, but it has something to do with Todd needing more sleep.

How sweet of their daughter to include elements of their wedding at the party. A much better cake than they had 30 years prior!  

What I also like about Heather, is how she she is always coordinating her outfits with the theme/color of the party. That's such a difference from me and that's another reason I appreciate her.

Thank you for all the years of encouragement you've given to us. Whether it was relating to our marriage, our children, or our relationships with people(because you know I don't like people too much)! haha We love love love you guys! 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Crockpot "Refried" Beans

We love refried beans! We have it with everything that resembles a Mexican feast.(yeah, that's kinda racist. But you know what I mean...) Tacos, Burritos, and Nachos and so on. Usually we buy the big pack of Rosarita's from Costco. But since we eat so much of it, it can get expensive. 

Cue the internet...and this recipe was made! Who knew you can make this kind of stuff in the Crockpot!!! After a lot of searching and trying out recipes and not really liking any of them, I made up my own.

This is what it looks like after it's been busy doing it's thing in the Crockpot. The beans have gotten softened, the flavors have married and it's time to break them up. Aw, sad! It's a good thing they're not people! hahaha

I used a good ole potatoe masher to break up the beans. Depending on how chunky you want your beans, you can have a great arm workout or not! We like an in between stage of chunks. Not too wholly, not too mashed.

Since this makes a whole bunch, we freeze whatever we don't use right away.  Pull some out whenever you have a hankering for a fiesta. Yummy, cheap, and good for you!


1 large onion, diced
2 lbs of dried pinto beans
2 t of cumin, salt
1 t of black pepper
1/4 t of paprika
2 T of minced garlic
5 t of chicken buillion
10 C of hot water

I did not soak these beans overnight. I've done that before and, to me, they make no difference. I just put everything in the Crockpot and let it cook for 10 hours on Low. After it is done, taste it to see if it needs more salt or pepper to your liking. I did not drain any of the liquid either. I guess we like it kinda runny. If you want yours thicker, scoop out some of the liquid before you start mashing it. However, don't chuck it yet. You might need it later, if your beans end up too thick. You can pour some back in.

Hope you all like it!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Make Ahead Breakfast Burrito

When John and I were newly married and we both worked, John was a cereal fiend. He would have a huge bowl every morning. He also loved milk. Too much! I would buy 2 gallons and that would only last us 1 1/2 weeks. That was only consumed by him. My lactose intolerant tummy can't touch that stuff. 
 But over the years, we wanted him to eat better. More filling foods so he wouldn't be hungry again the next hour over. Thanks to the good ole internet and an attitude of "I can do better than a fast food joint", John can eat better, cheaper, and be full for longer.

This consist of leftover ham, scrambled eggs, cheese, a little salsa, a mixture of cooked sweet peppers and onions, and some pan fried potatoes. A little bit of everything thrown together and wrapped up in a tortilla. Make a whole bunch, freeze it, and the husband will have a delicious breakfast at 5AM while you get your much deserved sleep.  

John puts this in the microwave on defrost for a min and then cook for a couple more. It does get really hot, so watch out! I hope you like it! You could even substitute bacon for the ham or if you are feeling lazy, frozen hash browns works too!

Pan fried potatoes, my way:
peel, dice 3 potatoes(any kind, I like Russet), throw a couple of tablespoons of oil in a pan, potatoes goes in. Add a little salt and pepper. Cover and cook for about 10 mins. Just enough to get the rawness out. Take the cover off and cook for another 5 mins to crisp.
Tuesday, December 23, 2014

When I Turned 33

Back in Aug., I turned a year older and hopefully a year wiser! Ha ha I think as I've gotten older, I really am enjoying my birthdays. It's such a sweetness. I guess it could be that I am more comfortable in my skin and circumstances.

I do have so much to be thankful for. I've got a roof over my head(a nice one at that), more than enough food that I probably shouldn't eat too much of, friends who would walk a mile in my shoes right alongside me, loving and obedient children, and an encouraging supportive kind husband. Wow! Life is good!

Speaking of that husband, he sent me these for my b-day. Totally unexpected. Extra kudos for him because I have high standards for flowers. (I use to be in the floral industry and know that they charge an arm and a leg. Therefore flowers are not an expense he is allowed to spend money on) This came from an Ebay account for which he sold something from. And they are my favorite color-purple!

Yay, for the husband! And yay for me for having this husband!!!
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