Friday, August 29, 2014

Skiing in Tahoe

When we went to Tahoe, we took the kids over to Soda Springs to do some skiing and snow play. They have an area just for kids 9 and under and it was perfect for our little ones. On this particular day, a snow storm was brewing. It started out with a light dusting of snow, then darker clouds, then heavy winds, then heavy snow fall. And did we leave at the first sign of the inclement weather, um no! We stayed and stayed! 

We had a blast! Not many people ventured out like us crazies so we basically had the whole place to ourselves. Occasionally a family would join us, but they never stayed long. 

We got Magnus skiing lessons and he did really well. The instructor said it helped that he has been ice skating. Hooray-ice skating! There was a lot of wind blowing in the video, so I suggest you mute it.

After Soph saw Magnus do this, she wanted to do it also. It was a little difficult, but for her first time, I was quite impressed with her. She stuck with it even though she was a little scared of it.

That Odin, I was impressed with him also! We stayed for about 5 hours and missed his nap time and he didn't throw too big of a tantrum. Don't be fooled, this was when we first got there!

Soda Springs also had a tubing carousel. Look at them trying to high five each other!

And this was Odin, after he had had his fun and was waiting for everyone else to be done. I'll take this, any day, over screaming!

 We would definitely go here again. The only tricky part is that Magnus is getting older than the recommended age for the children's playground. So we might have to split up next time. I'm not quite sure how that would work out. Overall, we had a great time!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

An Eggxellant Hunt

Some people have it all together! They make sure they have eggs beforehand and they have an egg coloring day, days before Easter. On the day of Easter, their kids are well dressed. All prim and all proper.

Well, this is not going to be a post about that. It will be the exact opposite, actually.

In the last few years, my sister had to work around Easter and she can't do the whole egg coloring thing at her house. Which leaves it up to me to get this done. But I loathe it. Abhor. With a passion. So it doesn't get done. The kids are really sad about this because they love it! But I don't like messes. Buying plastic eggs at Target and filing them up with my favorite candy, that I can do!

Oh, and remember prim and proper? I don't think that happens here!

 See,the day of Easter has already passed by a few days. We have to get the egg hunt over with. So we just throw them out haphazardly and say, "Go get 'em!" It doesn't matter that they are not dressed to the nines or that they just got out of the tub.

 See, these guys don't care about any of that! They got candy!!!! Yummy Kit Kat, Snickers, and Twix!
Just so you don't think that we are heathens, we do believe in Jesus. We believe he died and rose again. We believe in a personal relationship with him. The kids like to hunt for eggs and we are ok with that. No convictions. We know where our hearts are at.
Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ballerina Soph

This year, Soph took ballet lessons from Mrs. Jackson. Mrs. Jackson lives down the street from us. How awesome is that?!? We technically could walk there, but I don't think Soph has the stamina to walk, do an hour of dance, and then walk back home again. So we drive and we are never late since it takes about 1 min to get there! 

Through this class Soph has blossomed. She is letting go of her shyness, she is learning about girlfriends, and she is gaining confidence. And I'm pretty sure she is having fun too!

The girls in their Seven Dwarves costumes. Some were really in character! Love these girls. They are all so sweet!

Oh my beautiful Soph! So grown looking with a little make up applied. 

She was doing a count down until the day that she could wear makeup for the show!

And these were the Swans.

It's always nice to have some friends and family come watch your performance. During the show she was really nervous and forgot just about everything she was suppose to do. She did well though and looked adorable up there with her friends.

My beautiful ballerina. As we were taking this pic, a little boy came up to her and told her she looked beautiful. So stinkin' cute because he was probably no older than she was. He looked over to his Aunt and asked if he could give her a hug. Soph was quite unsure until I told her it was ok since we did know his Aunt. Hopefully this is not what the future holds for this beauty! haha

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Hitman Wedding

 When you have last name of Hitman, you can imagine the envy some people might have for it. Although, if you were really a hit man you probably don't want that as your last name...Anyhow, our friend Brent is not a hit man, although he sports the last name!

We've known Brent for a long time. Ever since he was in high school. For the longest time, he floundered. It would frustrate me so much. It was quite hard to hang out with him sometimes. (Yes, Brent. It's all coming out now!) Then after what seemed like a looong time in waiting, God gave him a girlfriend. She is Kelly. We've known Kelly a long time too. Kelly is the sister to our good friend Ally. We've known Kelly since she was in Junior High.

In the few months that they dated, we saw Brent emerging as a MAN. His heart was huge! He was so wise, so gentle, so encouraging. Where did this come from??? How awesome it is to see this side from from! It's only natural, that Kelly would fall in love with him.

So here is the lovely and beautiful couple on their wedding day.

 Beautiful and happy sister in law and niece!

 Dancing the night away...

You know you've party hard when dancing with your sibling starts with holding hands and then ends with a dog pile.

I think this was the nicest decorated getaway vehicle. Most that I've seen have some sort of crude innuendo written on it. Oh wait, maybe that was because I was the one who did that...

Yay! Now they can have a party of 2...
Thank you for including us in your happy day. We are seeing you grow by leaps and bounds in your trust for the Lord. How wonderful! We love you guys!
Sunday, August 17, 2014

Oh Magnus

For the majority of Magnus' life, he is a wonderful child. There are only a few moments where we wonder where his brain went. But for the most part, raising him has been such an easy job. Perhaps that is why when he has a moment of failure, it seems so devastating.

Boy, does he covet soda...

 One day, I made soup that had okra in it. In my opinion, you cannot taste the okra because it has been cooked down so much, but Magnus begged to differ. So much so that he made himself throw up from it. So here is the mess. He got an earful, he cleaned it up, and he got a consequence for over reacting.
Sometimes when your child behave unbecoming, it makes you doubt your parenting skills. What are you doing wrong? What are you not teaching them? Have you failed them?

After many times, of crying and praying and praying and crying, I'm learning that it's ok. This is a part of life, a part of growing. He as a child and I as a parent. Throwing up over okra is not the end of the world. There could be other things worse than this.

So I need to be a little more forgiving, show a little more grace, and definitely have a lot more patience. Oh, the things we have to learn over and over again even as adults!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Party Like the 80's

In April, our little friend had a birthday party with an 80's theme. Some of us dressed up and some of us didn't. Some of us went right into character...

I'm glad there are some people out there who don't mind the work it takes to pull this off!
I think Lulu's expression explains it all...haha, just kidding!

Happy birthday little one! You have one of the best Aunt and Uncle

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Snow House Vacation 2014

 In Feb., we splurged and took a trip to Carnelian Bay. This house had a pool table, a foosball table, and an air hockey table, plus a hot tub. The kids were so excited!!! Ok, we were too!!!  Every morning they would wake up early and hit the game room. Every afternoon they would ask to go in the hot tub. Fun times!

When you are in the presence of snow, you must build a snowman.

 Working together to gather the softer snow.

The finished product! I think it looks pretty awesome! In fact, it's the best looking one we've made so far!!!

And check out the hair on this one. Who knew that a snowman could sport a mohawk?

So, what happens when you get tired, cold, and hungry when you're 4 years old? Obviously, you cry!

A bear box can double as target practice!

I don't think the camo hat did the deer any good since he ended up on the wall...

I think this was the start of Odin's infatuation with shoes. John's snow boots probably weighed as much as him!

This place had a gigantic bath tub! It's only natural that all children must bathe together and be silly together!

It is always awesome to go to the snow and actually have fresh ones falling!

 Oh, poor Mr. Snowman. You're looking a little shabby there...
I am so thankful we get to make memories like this with our children.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

We have a tradition that Christmas happens at our house. All my siblings and their kids come over in the afternoon, after they've already had their fill of gifts, and open more gifts at our house. It gets loud, messy, but we always eat well and always have a great time. Someone always tries to play the piano, inevitably a young child goes on the top bunk and needs to be brought down. The fire roars and after many hours everyone gets hot and we open all the windows and doors. Like I said, a great time!

Every year, Magnus makes me a gift that just melts my heart. Mostly, it's a handwritten card/note. But those hits the spot for the mama heart. I love that child!

You can't go wrong with a Chinese finger trap! Magnus got one in his stockings and it must be played with!

 Yes, the more guns the better! My sister has a knack for buying Magnus Nerf guns. I think he has gotten one every year. He loves her for it!

Siblings love! These are all my brother's kids. They range from adults to toddlers. 

We have a very competitive family. Everyone wants to win. So why not encourage that?!? So, we have a snowflake making contest. It usually results in a lot of laughter and a lot of ugly snowflakes. This year, we added Mitten Unwrapping. We had boys against girls and it gets intense! Especially when my brother gets in on it. Oh my, those poor boys. If this was a little league game, he would be banned from it. To help this out, we like to mock him. Yes, I know, very loving! 

I love sharing the joys and blessings we have with our families.
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