Tuesday, August 26, 2014

An Eggxellant Hunt

Some people have it all together! They make sure they have eggs beforehand and they have an egg coloring day, days before Easter. On the day of Easter, their kids are well dressed. All prim and all proper.

Well, this is not going to be a post about that. It will be the exact opposite, actually.

In the last few years, my sister had to work around Easter and she can't do the whole egg coloring thing at her house. Which leaves it up to me to get this done. But I loathe it. Abhor. With a passion. So it doesn't get done. The kids are really sad about this because they love it! But I don't like messes. Buying plastic eggs at Target and filing them up with my favorite candy, that I can do!

Oh, and remember prim and proper? I don't think that happens here!

 See,the day of Easter has already passed by a few days. We have to get the egg hunt over with. So we just throw them out haphazardly and say, "Go get 'em!" It doesn't matter that they are not dressed to the nines or that they just got out of the tub.

 See, these guys don't care about any of that! They got candy!!!! Yummy Kit Kat, Snickers, and Twix!
Just so you don't think that we are heathens, we do believe in Jesus. We believe he died and rose again. We believe in a personal relationship with him. The kids like to hunt for eggs and we are ok with that. No convictions. We know where our hearts are at.


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