Friday, April 29, 2011

1st loose tooth

Magnus finally has a loose tooth! All of his friend's from school has many missing teeth and his cousins have lost many teeth, but his seem to want to hang on. So he was quite happy when he woke up one morning and realized that he is in the loose tooth club! I was excited for him too, then I thought about how old he was getting and I got all emotional. He's becoming a young man! This is probably one of the last times that we will see all his baby teeth. Sniff..sniff

Friday, April 15, 2011

testing post again

Snails Race

Since it's been warming up, we've spent a lot more time in the backyard. We've been gardening and playing out there. This is what John, Magnus, and Soph does! Gross-a-rama! Even Soph loves "tickling" them. I stay as far away as possible. How can I like these if all they do is leave a slime trail around and eat my veggies that I've planted! Soph does not take after me in this regard!!!

test post

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vote for me on FaceBook!!!

We've joined the cult!!! Yikes! We had to get an account because I had to enter into this contest for a free stay in South Lake Tahoe. Sounds like fat chance right???? Well I checked the sunbmissions and there are only four! Four!!! Only FOUR! There was a whole lotta chance that I could win because my photo is so much better, hence facebook here we come.

SOOO- I need you guys to vote for me from 4/15-4/30 until 11:59 pm. Send it to your friends, send it to your co-workers, whomever! You get 5 votes per day! The competitor inme now me is fightin'!

UPDATE: There are plenty of others besides :(  I am wrong with the voting times-starts on 4/16 Oops!  Thanks!
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Most Fun in a Backyard

The house that we rented while we were in Tahoe, had a great big backyard. When we first arrived, there was already several feet of snow. So my niece Emily and I decided that we would make our own little snow hill to sled off of. It was a lot of hard work and sweat. After a lunch break and a few hours later, we had a functioning hill. It was awesome!

This is the snowman that the kids made. It's missing an arm, but I think that was intentional!

Magnus is trying to "make our slope better".


Magnus is quite strong, he pulled Emily for a couple of yards!

Another whee!!!!

Casualty of a snow ball fight. Yes, my first reaction is to take a picture of him crying!

Admiring the amount of snow and wind we were having that day.

We had such an awesome time on this trip. Everytime I see/hear snow mentioned, my heart skips a beat thinking about all the wonderful things that happened here. Magnus and I shared a special bonding moment at a sled hill that we went to, Soph napped in her playpen while we were there, wonderful simple foods, a testing of patience by all, and teamwork from John and I on the way home. We were in blizzard like conditions on the drive back and it took us 7 hours to get home instead of the usual 4. I hope to have many more of these types of vacations! 
Saturday, April 2, 2011

Borges Sleigh Ride

In Feb. we took a family vacation to South Lake Tahoe. While we were there we thought we should experience a horse drawn sleigh ride. It was only for a a half and hour at a price of $20.00 per person. In our heads, a sleigh ride would have been something of a fast pace. Such as those you see on TV, perhaps not rushing, but at least moving. Well this was not that. The horse trotted a few yards then stopped, it was taught to, then after 5 mins or so it would proceed again. This went on for the whole 30mins. Awkward, what can you do , but try to make small talk with the guide. Can I say it felt like watching molasses pour, except that molasses didn't have a baby crying the whole time because they wanted a bottle! As if that wasn't awful enough, it took us forever to get our keepsake photo because they had 2 classes of kids on a field trip. While we waited I told the kids to go play in the snow, so without their gloves, they made snowballs. Bad idea, their hands were cold and freezing from the snow. At the end of it all, we had some cranky kids! 

After this was lunch time, so I thought we should eat out. It'll make things easier for me. Drove down the street, decided that Chevys is good. At least here at home it is. Bad idea, we waited for 15 mins without a hostess even greeting us, then after I made up my mind that we should leave, the hostess comes. So I figured okay, we could fill up on chips and drinks until the real food came. At this point everyone was hungry-bad hungry. Like the kind where you want to scream at anyone who talks to you, that doesn't have food. We got seated, waited, 10 mins later, no chips-getting madder. Then chips-okay at least something. Then we are eating it slowly as to not run out because the waitress has not made it to our table. This was not statisfying enough. We looked around and realized that other people who were there even before us has not gotten their food or drinks. Now with steam coming out of our ears, we told the kids calmly that we are not staying and finding something else to eat! I have never done that in a restaurant, but yet I have never been subjected to that kind of jerkiness.

Finally we found a place to eat. It was delicious. Hamburgers! Did I say delicious??? The funny/sad thing about this place was that it was within walking distant from our house that we were staying at! If we would have just gone there we would have saved ourselves from the misery of that Chevys experience!
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