Saturday, April 2, 2011

Borges Sleigh Ride

In Feb. we took a family vacation to South Lake Tahoe. While we were there we thought we should experience a horse drawn sleigh ride. It was only for a a half and hour at a price of $20.00 per person. In our heads, a sleigh ride would have been something of a fast pace. Such as those you see on TV, perhaps not rushing, but at least moving. Well this was not that. The horse trotted a few yards then stopped, it was taught to, then after 5 mins or so it would proceed again. This went on for the whole 30mins. Awkward, what can you do , but try to make small talk with the guide. Can I say it felt like watching molasses pour, except that molasses didn't have a baby crying the whole time because they wanted a bottle! As if that wasn't awful enough, it took us forever to get our keepsake photo because they had 2 classes of kids on a field trip. While we waited I told the kids to go play in the snow, so without their gloves, they made snowballs. Bad idea, their hands were cold and freezing from the snow. At the end of it all, we had some cranky kids! 

After this was lunch time, so I thought we should eat out. It'll make things easier for me. Drove down the street, decided that Chevys is good. At least here at home it is. Bad idea, we waited for 15 mins without a hostess even greeting us, then after I made up my mind that we should leave, the hostess comes. So I figured okay, we could fill up on chips and drinks until the real food came. At this point everyone was hungry-bad hungry. Like the kind where you want to scream at anyone who talks to you, that doesn't have food. We got seated, waited, 10 mins later, no chips-getting madder. Then chips-okay at least something. Then we are eating it slowly as to not run out because the waitress has not made it to our table. This was not statisfying enough. We looked around and realized that other people who were there even before us has not gotten their food or drinks. Now with steam coming out of our ears, we told the kids calmly that we are not staying and finding something else to eat! I have never done that in a restaurant, but yet I have never been subjected to that kind of jerkiness.

Finally we found a place to eat. It was delicious. Hamburgers! Did I say delicious??? The funny/sad thing about this place was that it was within walking distant from our house that we were staying at! If we would have just gone there we would have saved ourselves from the misery of that Chevys experience!


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