Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Soph's Easter Dress

 I found this tutorial on this blog and I was smitten! I had to make something special like that for Soph. So the next festive occasion she could wear this to would be Easter. This is my first time using fabric covered buttons and I am hooked. It looks beautiful and classy. It's on the back of the dress, but I couldn't get any pictures of it. Soph is pretty fast at getting away when you want her to be still for the moment. The stripe fabric was something either from Joanns Red Tag clearance or Walmart and the green pok-a-dot is a thrift store sheet. So overall so cheap!
Her foyer runway!

                                                             Admiring the craftsmanship!

Holy hot-cakes, my mom's got skills!!! Yes, that's what she said!


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