Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy 6th!

I've been a parent to you for 6 years now. Yikes!! I feel so old sometimes. Raising children is hard! Alright this post is about you not me... Right now the happenings in your life are:

* You love Math, you are doing 1st grade math very well even though you are in K
* You love to get in your sister's face and frustrate her
* You'd watch TV all day if we let you
* Sometimes you ask for mozzeralla sticks for breakfast
* You love spending the night at your cousins
* You love camo, dinosaurs, soda, and stalling at bedtime
* You are a great reader
* You are starting to talk back to us, everything we say has a rebuttal
* You delight in my cooking  

You are such a blessing to our lives. We love you so much and hope that as you continue to grow that we will be able to grow with you too!

I know this is late, but better than never!


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