Thursday, May 29, 2014

An Honorary Grandberg

We went to Jenness Park with some friends and this one became pretty attached to us. So for the weekend, we made him an honorary Grandberg.

 Look at these goof balls! Full of food and full of mischief!

On one day they even dressed alike!
Sunday, May 25, 2014

Schulz Homeschool Day

How awesome it is that we live in a town that recognizes homeschoolers and puts together a day of learning for us! And for a fairly cheap price!!!

Sun etching-harnessing the sun's heat to burn an image on a block of wood. Imagine the possibilities if you had a lot of time on your hand...

Thankfully Big Brother is good at capturing the sun! I couldn't do it until Magnus came to the rescue and we ended up with this for Soph. Thank you Magnus!

Egg drop-they got a raw egg, wrapped it whatever materials was available and drop it off the balcony. The goal was to not have the egg break. 

Soph is happy hers wasn't broken! Good job Soph!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sonoma Train Town

On an unseemly extra warm day in Oct., we took a field trip here. The kids had a fantastic time, but we didn't stay long. We, Grandbergs, and heat do not go well together. We would definitely go again. As long as we check the weather beforehand... 

                                             Goof balls waiting for the train to start.

 A stop on the train ride to feed the animals. Bring your quarters! Feed is dispensed from the machine after you put in your quarters. I am so glad we knew this beforehand.

 Ugh, my beauty! She is growing! I can see big girl Soph and I'm not quite sure I like it this soon.

 I'm so glad Magnus enjoys the rides. It certainly sets the tone for Soph.

Even Odin had a great time. Unfortunately he is a little small to be riding the rides, but he sure liked this mock train. We went through a lot of quarters that day!
Monday, May 19, 2014

2013 School Year

A little late in posting this as the school year is almost over, but here it is, their first day of school photos. Actually their first Academy Day. Magnus is in 3rd grade and Soph is in the K class, although she is unofficial. Next year, she will be a bonafide kindergartener.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Summer Is Coming

O Summer, how I don't like the heat you bring with you, but I love that there are no lessons to teach. No lesson plans to write, no schedule to adhere to. I never understood how much people liked summers until we began homeschooling. Now I look forward to it as much as the next person! 

A big part of summer is swim lessons. I'm thankful that we are blessed to be able to give the kids lessons.

This year, we signed up at a local pool, where we can swim to our hearts content from May to Sept. Come the end of summer, we will be more than a few shades darker. You might not even recognize me....

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dragon Slayer

One Sunday, John had to work some OT and I had to get the kids ready for church all by myself. As I was curling my hair, Soph was leaving my room and she comes back to tell me, “Mom, there’s a lizard in the room.” Not wanting to believe it or her, I asked, “Are you sure?” She say,”Mom, I know what a lizard tail looks like.” True, she has seen a lot of lizards recently. We have had a lot in our yard in the last few weeks.
My hair in curlers, I walked over to see it. Sure enough, it was a lizard. PANIC mode. I NEED to kill this thing before it attacks my face in the middle of the night. (A fear of mine) My first thought-what can I use as a weapon? I thought maybe I could scoop it up by using a blank CD storage container and closing it up. After realizing that to close the storage case, I would need to twist it-it was a no go. That lizard was going to be too quick and jump on my face.
A big huge water bottle-that was the weapon. Smacked the floor a few times, which did nothing, but made him run away.
Now he was behind the door, I needed help. Summoned Magnus from the living room, instructing him to come as stealthly as possible so the lizard would not move. Now, what weapon was he going to use? I gave him a big bottle of mouthwash. Big was good, right? I had him on one part of the wall while I was on the opposite. This thing was going to get killed for sure. We smacked like crazy and ended up just hitting each other’s bottles. Yeah, not so good. Mr. Lizard has made a move again.
This time he went under a hat which was on the floor. Angered that I haven’t killed him, I was more determined than ever. I moved the hat, smacked the floor a few times. I think I might have made contact this time. BUT, that lizard made an escape again.
He was in the slot in between the filing cabinet and the wall. Water bottle and mouthwash bottle will no longer suffice. I grabbed a coat hanger with the intent of smashing the heck out of him, once I wedge it in. But he was probably going to run towards the back, then I wouldn’t be able to kill him for reals.
Next thought, what would be the closest thing in the room that could be a poison? Aha! HAIRSPRAY!!! Grabbed my bottle, sprayed him like crazy, which for some reason made him want to exit the confines of the wall. Now, he was coming towards me!!! Ahh! Must hold down spray bottle and spray. This slowed him down and just enough for another aha moment, I was holding a Mag-Lite. That is a weapon or so, I’ve seen on TV.
Just to let you know, TV was right.
As I was pounding him to his death, instinctively my brain told me, I must make a screaming noise. Like they do on TV, when you are fighting your attacker. After a few pounds, I stop to check him out. His tail was still moving. I asked Magnus if I should give him a few more hits and he says, “ Mom, his head is no longer on his body.” Very matter of fact-ly. Um, thank you my son.
BUT, how was I going to dispose of him? I didn’t want to feel his yucky bloodied smushed up body through the tissues. Aha! Those blank CDs! Used two of them, scooped up his body and in the toilet he goes. Two flushes just to be sure he wasn’t going to come back and jump onto my face.
Yeah, that’s right. I am a dragon slayer. Not for hire. Once was enough.
Sunday, May 4, 2014

One of My Favorites

I love this picture of the kids! Usually one of the kids are grumpy, or mad, or sad, but this day they were happy!

 I love the love, joy, and happiness they all exude!

Love growing these Grandbergs!
Saturday, May 3, 2014

Magnus' Halloween Costume

This Halloween I sure stretched myself! Magnus said he wanted to be a policeman so mommy peruse the internet like crazy and came up with this outfit. Shirt was a refashion from dads no longer want to wear pile. 

A few accessories from the dollar store, a cub scout belt, and mom's old name tag from her working days completes this look.

Crushing crime!

Cousin Joey was such a good sport!

Of course, no crime scene would be complete without evidence.

I made this with dark transfer paper that I got at Walmart. It came with a few sheets in it. You choose the image you want off of the computer, make sure your printer is well stocked with ink, print it out and iron it on your shirt. Pretty simple!

The hat was handmade with a little dollar store accessory. Phew, thankfully Halloween only comes around once a year!
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