Thursday, May 22, 2014

Sonoma Train Town

On an unseemly extra warm day in Oct., we took a field trip here. The kids had a fantastic time, but we didn't stay long. We, Grandbergs, and heat do not go well together. We would definitely go again. As long as we check the weather beforehand... 

                                             Goof balls waiting for the train to start.

 A stop on the train ride to feed the animals. Bring your quarters! Feed is dispensed from the machine after you put in your quarters. I am so glad we knew this beforehand.

 Ugh, my beauty! She is growing! I can see big girl Soph and I'm not quite sure I like it this soon.

 I'm so glad Magnus enjoys the rides. It certainly sets the tone for Soph.

Even Odin had a great time. Unfortunately he is a little small to be riding the rides, but he sure liked this mock train. We went through a lot of quarters that day!


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