Friday, June 7, 2013

Our Own Planter Boxes

For the longest time, I have always wanted to make our own planter boxes. Every year it was always on the to do list, but it never made it because I was too impatient and would rather plan my plants right away instead of waiting for the boxes to be made.This year, I planned ahead and started in Feb! Yep that right! A whole 3 months before the officially planting season. But it worked because here we have them!!!

We bought the lumber at Home Depot. It was a long piece that we had cut to fit our yard space. In all we spent a little over $40.00 Not too pricey I say! 

These are lined with chicken wire at the bottom, just in case we ever get any critters that might want to eat up my goodies. 

I also put in a few layers of paper bags from Trader Joes to help with weed control. Hopefully that works! These are looking so good and because they are a little taller I don't have to stoop so low when I do have to work on them. A plus for my back! Hooray for planning ahead!!!
Monday, June 3, 2013

Soph's First Sewing Item

This was hand sewn by Miss Soph! She made this one day while she was waiting for Magnus in his fencing class. She was so proud of herself!!! Although she couldn't figure what she could do with it. So I looked in my purse and gave her two pennies and told her that she could use it as a coin purse. That got her excited again until she realized that two pennies wasn't a lot...
Look at the dirt. It's been in the bottom of my purse for a while. Somehow my purse is a holder for her coin purse!

 "Yeah, I made this!"

Kicking her leg up for me to capture it. Because it is the cool way to take a photo!
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