Friday, June 7, 2013

Our Own Planter Boxes

For the longest time, I have always wanted to make our own planter boxes. Every year it was always on the to do list, but it never made it because I was too impatient and would rather plan my plants right away instead of waiting for the boxes to be made.This year, I planned ahead and started in Feb! Yep that right! A whole 3 months before the officially planting season. But it worked because here we have them!!!

We bought the lumber at Home Depot. It was a long piece that we had cut to fit our yard space. In all we spent a little over $40.00 Not too pricey I say! 

These are lined with chicken wire at the bottom, just in case we ever get any critters that might want to eat up my goodies. 

I also put in a few layers of paper bags from Trader Joes to help with weed control. Hopefully that works! These are looking so good and because they are a little taller I don't have to stoop so low when I do have to work on them. A plus for my back! Hooray for planning ahead!!!


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