Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vote for me on FaceBook!!!

We've joined the cult!!! Yikes! We had to get an account because I had to enter into this contest for a free stay in South Lake Tahoe. Sounds like fat chance right???? Well I checked the sunbmissions and there are only four! Four!!! Only FOUR! There was a whole lotta chance that I could win because my photo is so much better, hence facebook here we come.

SOOO- I need you guys to vote for me from 4/15-4/30 until 11:59 pm. Send it to your friends, send it to your co-workers, whomever! You get 5 votes per day! The competitor inme now me is fightin'!

UPDATE: There are plenty of others besides :(  I am wrong with the voting times-starts on 4/16 Oops!  Thanks!


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