Sunday, August 10, 2014

Snow House Vacation 2014

 In Feb., we splurged and took a trip to Carnelian Bay. This house had a pool table, a foosball table, and an air hockey table, plus a hot tub. The kids were so excited!!! Ok, we were too!!!  Every morning they would wake up early and hit the game room. Every afternoon they would ask to go in the hot tub. Fun times!

When you are in the presence of snow, you must build a snowman.

 Working together to gather the softer snow.

The finished product! I think it looks pretty awesome! In fact, it's the best looking one we've made so far!!!

And check out the hair on this one. Who knew that a snowman could sport a mohawk?

So, what happens when you get tired, cold, and hungry when you're 4 years old? Obviously, you cry!

A bear box can double as target practice!

I don't think the camo hat did the deer any good since he ended up on the wall...

I think this was the start of Odin's infatuation with shoes. John's snow boots probably weighed as much as him!

This place had a gigantic bath tub! It's only natural that all children must bathe together and be silly together!

It is always awesome to go to the snow and actually have fresh ones falling!

 Oh, poor Mr. Snowman. You're looking a little shabby there...
I am so thankful we get to make memories like this with our children.


  1. Thank you for posting and linking to FB. You are the only blog I read and I love seeing pictures and the highlights from your year. This was definitely a mountain top experience. How magical with the snow. Treasured memories. Thank you for sharing.

  2. You're welcome! It is pretty awesome to write finally have an audience. It use to just be John who would read it. So thank you!!!!


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