Thursday, August 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

We have a tradition that Christmas happens at our house. All my siblings and their kids come over in the afternoon, after they've already had their fill of gifts, and open more gifts at our house. It gets loud, messy, but we always eat well and always have a great time. Someone always tries to play the piano, inevitably a young child goes on the top bunk and needs to be brought down. The fire roars and after many hours everyone gets hot and we open all the windows and doors. Like I said, a great time!

Every year, Magnus makes me a gift that just melts my heart. Mostly, it's a handwritten card/note. But those hits the spot for the mama heart. I love that child!

You can't go wrong with a Chinese finger trap! Magnus got one in his stockings and it must be played with!

 Yes, the more guns the better! My sister has a knack for buying Magnus Nerf guns. I think he has gotten one every year. He loves her for it!

Siblings love! These are all my brother's kids. They range from adults to toddlers. 

We have a very competitive family. Everyone wants to win. So why not encourage that?!? So, we have a snowflake making contest. It usually results in a lot of laughter and a lot of ugly snowflakes. This year, we added Mitten Unwrapping. We had boys against girls and it gets intense! Especially when my brother gets in on it. Oh my, those poor boys. If this was a little league game, he would be banned from it. To help this out, we like to mock him. Yes, I know, very loving! 

I love sharing the joys and blessings we have with our families.


  1. One of your brother's kids looks like Soph.

  2. Sometimes I have to do a double take between all my nieces. We have deep genes!


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