Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ballerina Soph

This year, Soph took ballet lessons from Mrs. Jackson. Mrs. Jackson lives down the street from us. How awesome is that?!? We technically could walk there, but I don't think Soph has the stamina to walk, do an hour of dance, and then walk back home again. So we drive and we are never late since it takes about 1 min to get there! 

Through this class Soph has blossomed. She is letting go of her shyness, she is learning about girlfriends, and she is gaining confidence. And I'm pretty sure she is having fun too!

The girls in their Seven Dwarves costumes. Some were really in character! Love these girls. They are all so sweet!

Oh my beautiful Soph! So grown looking with a little make up applied. 

She was doing a count down until the day that she could wear makeup for the show!

And these were the Swans.

It's always nice to have some friends and family come watch your performance. During the show she was really nervous and forgot just about everything she was suppose to do. She did well though and looked adorable up there with her friends.

My beautiful ballerina. As we were taking this pic, a little boy came up to her and told her she looked beautiful. So stinkin' cute because he was probably no older than she was. He looked over to his Aunt and asked if he could give her a hug. Soph was quite unsure until I told her it was ok since we did know his Aunt. Hopefully this is not what the future holds for this beauty! haha


  1. Oh! Soph is precious...and a beauty! I love that the girls get to be girls in Mrs. Jackson's class!

    1. It is so good for them to be with their girlfriends and not have any boy influence, aka Big Brother Magnus. Looking forward to when it starts up again!


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