Sunday, August 17, 2014

Oh Magnus

For the majority of Magnus' life, he is a wonderful child. There are only a few moments where we wonder where his brain went. But for the most part, raising him has been such an easy job. Perhaps that is why when he has a moment of failure, it seems so devastating.

Boy, does he covet soda...

 One day, I made soup that had okra in it. In my opinion, you cannot taste the okra because it has been cooked down so much, but Magnus begged to differ. So much so that he made himself throw up from it. So here is the mess. He got an earful, he cleaned it up, and he got a consequence for over reacting.
Sometimes when your child behave unbecoming, it makes you doubt your parenting skills. What are you doing wrong? What are you not teaching them? Have you failed them?

After many times, of crying and praying and praying and crying, I'm learning that it's ok. This is a part of life, a part of growing. He as a child and I as a parent. Throwing up over okra is not the end of the world. There could be other things worse than this.

So I need to be a little more forgiving, show a little more grace, and definitely have a lot more patience. Oh, the things we have to learn over and over again even as adults!


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