Friday, January 9, 2015

2014-2015 School Year

How blessed I am to be able to teach our children! Not just their hearts, but their minds too. This is our 5th year of homeschooling and I think we are finally in a groove. Don't let the number of years discourage you, though. God is good and if this is what he's called for you, it will happen!

 This year, more than ever, we are homeschooling with intention. That means being prepared. Going to bed on time, lesson planning, waking up to the alarm clock. Things are going more smoothly. Hearts and minds are being shaped. 

Here are the goof balls on their way to our first Academy Day. I'm always late in writing the back to school post and in the 3 months from this picture, they both look so different. It saddens my heart a little to see them growing. They will never be this size. ever. again. Exhale.

This year I was privileged to kick off AD with teaching the letter A. What a better way to learn about A than with applesauce! We chopped these up in class, added a little water, put a cover on and in the microwave it went. 

Aren't these the cutest applesauce samplers ever?!? Like I said, what a privilege to teach these kids. They are so bright, funny, and sweet.

They did a drawing and writing of their opinion of applesauce. Not sure what Soph was drawing here, but that's pretty good penmanship for the beginning of the school year.

Our Picture Day picture.


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