Monday, October 7, 2013

Rock Candy

During the summer, we got together with some friends and did a little learning. I saw this on Pinterest and it reminded me of my 2nd grade class. I don't think it was edible, but it was still pretty cool to watch it grow. Maybe we were just growing crystals as oppose to rock candy. Who knows, that was quite some time ago. This however is devourable! Although I have to say it uses a lot of sugar! It puts into reality of how much sugar is in our candy that we buy from the stores. Since we don't see the process, we don't think about it. It definitely made me rethink candy. 

We made a simple syrup. Rolled our chopsticks in sugar. Poured some of the syrup into our jars, mixed food coloring into it, stuck the chopstick in with a clothespin to hold it from hitting the bottom of the jar and that was it! The instructions said to let it sit in a sunny spot uninterrupted for a week, but ours were not growing big enough. We let it go to 3 weeks and it was perfect then!  

Magnus with his favorite color.

Our friend with his all mixed up.

A cutie with hers!

Cutie's sister with hers!

And of course Soph's.


I loved this project, but my tongue did not. I made the mistake of rubbing this on my tongue and the rough edges were not kind to it. Maybe I'm not cool enough to eat this!!!


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