Friday, September 3, 2010

Cribalism and ghetto-ness

So this is what Soph eats as a snack while she is in her room supposedly napping. It was originally just the wood that she would eat, but then it got so bad. We would find little pieces of wood in her crib and in her shirts and wonder what the heck it was. Until one day we were hanging out in her room and the sun alluminated the crib just right and we saw the gouge marks she had made on the underside of the crib bars (where the tape wraps under). There was a good 1/4 inch of wood missing on each post. So something had to be done. Not buying a new crib because we're cheap that way. So we thought we could fix it with duct tape. I know duct tape fixes everything right??? WRONG! This girl ate the duct tape too! Soon we started finding little pieces of tape stuck to her hair and in her crib. Aiyiyi!


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