Friday, September 10, 2010

Mishap with the glue gun

There's going to be a pretty gross photo coming up, just warning you. I was trying to beautify my house with fall decors because I LOVE fall. Everything about it, the wind, the chill in the air, warm soups, leaves falling, and so on and so on. So I saw some tutes in the blog world about making your own decor balls and thought I could whip those up. I guess the answer to that is WRONG. I am inept with a hot glue gun. Hence the injury.

This was immediately afterwards. Hurts like a b*&%$! Can I tell you I cried, a pathetic frustrated cry of why, why did I do this to myself?

Soon after, this is what the results are. Those are some mighty hurtful blisters. The one on my middlefinger is the worst. I am still wearing a band-aid on that one.

So I never did finish my project and now I am a little sqeemish about using the hot glue gun ever again. So sad...


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