Saturday, December 11, 2010

Skunk Train

This was such a great experience! This was about a 15 min. drive from where we were staying in Mendocino, in Fort Bragg. We've been to Fort Bragg many times before we had kids, but never ventured out furthur enough in town to know that this was there. Anyways, we packed a lunch and we were gone for a roundtrip ride for 4 hours. They sold food in the train and at the rest stop, but we didn't want to spend money on food that was going to be overly pricey.

They had a little pumpkin patch there, a perfect photo op. 
 This is part of the train. They had 5 cars total. One was an open deck, where you could hang out there and check out the scenery as you pass by it.

 The seats in this car was worned out. I mean like old school bus style. But we enjoyed ourselves anyways.

 One of the many creeks running through the trail that we were on. It was beautiful.

 Aren't they gorgeous!!!

 This was on the entire ride, redwoods everywhere. Some of the tree trunks were huge. Some have been around for hundreds of years.

 The train blowing off some of it's diesel. This is us on the open deck. We had a lot of fun there.

 This is what Soph did the whole time we were outside, picking up fallen leaves and debris. So dirty, but whatever. It kept her entertained and we didn't have to hold her.

Good ol Magnus, having lots of fun!


  1. Hey! For some reason I am unable to comment you. It said I have to get approval first.
    Anyways the place looks nice, glad you guys had a great weekend. :) I've always heard things about Fort Bragg but never imagen it like to be this. It's beautiful!! My brother goes there with his friend all the times and sometime they have to spend the night there and I would always hear some sort of scary stories about this place from them lol. So when I hear the place "Fort Bragg" it spoke me out.

  2. Me too! I go to store youn (Mekong market) everyday!! Can't live without Khmer food haha.


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