Monday, January 17, 2011

Where have I been????

I know it has been a long time since I last posted on here. We've been busy. John and I are on a serious endeavor to lose some weight, so we have been using up any time we have to exercise. Hence the lack of posts. We started around Xmas time and so far so good. We haven't lost any weight yet, although we are seeing some muscles we haven't seen in years! We try to fit in some sort of physical activity everyday, whether it's just a walk around the neighborhood with the kids or a more intense workout in the garage with our machines. I feel good, mentally and physically.

So since the last post, we've had xmas to celebrate and it was one of the best ones for me. I had such a great time with the families. Not just getting gifts-although that's always a plus, but with conversations and building of relationships. I hope you all had a great xmas too and a great start to a new year!


  1. Thanks! Yeah most guys wouldn't wear pink. =/ It's only a color!

    But anyways yeah WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? long time no post? haha. . . That's nice to hear you guys have been doing lots of exercise activities. I've been doing the same as well. We usually go hiking around spring lake and Howarth park area since it's a lot warmer lately. I just got back from hiking about to hit the shower. Hope to see more of your blog post. ;)


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