Friday, February 11, 2011

Our 1st bike ride of the year

John had the day off so we decided that we would try biking again with Soph. When she was younger she hated biking with us.

 We had to adjust her straps since she has gotten so much bigger than the last time we went biking. Soph has never liked wearing socks and shoes, she always wants them off and now can take them off by herself. So we decided that we would only have her wear her socks just in case we lost them on the trail.

Here she is trying to take off her helmet. She still hates riding! She cried on the way back and we did end up losing her socks. Thankfully those are cheaper than a new pair of shoes!

Magnus on the other hand loves riding. He especially likes passing me!

There's this big rock at the end of our ride that he likes to jump off of. Such glee from something so simple!


  1. Awww she's so cute! How come she doesn't like riding? Usually she seems so calm though. She'll grow to like it once she get's a bit older and by then she'll have her own bike to ride.

  2. I think she doesn't like to wear a helmet and she in confined into her seat without a lot of wiggle room-obviously for her safety. I don't really know...yes hopefully when she gets a little older she'll like it!


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