Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Showing Love/Helping

One of the things that John and I strive in parenting is to have our children see that we are constantly helping people in need whether it be financial help, making a meal, or whatever else we can do. So a friend of ours in our homeschool group was moving into a new place and needed help painting a few rooms. So we dropped Soph off at my mom's and went to work.
Isn't he so handsome? It just makes me love him so much more when I see him do stuff like this because when we were first married, John would never have done this. I am so thankful for the change that's in him. 
This is what happens when you paint in tight quarters and try to squeeze by without ruining the paint. You end up ruining your pants instead!

I found Magnus and his friend in the laundry room eating Doritos after they had had enough of painting. They are so cute!


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