Friday, April 26, 2013

Odin's Birth Story

Odin came two weeks earlier than we had anticipated. I had an appointment for a non stress test and during that it was discovered that the amniotic fluids were low. It had dropped significantly over 2 days and it was a concern. The older kids were being watched by our friend Shelly and John was at work. I was trying to be strong and not get emotionally overwhelmed, but as soon as I heard John's voice on the line when I called him at work, the floodgates opened. Initially, the nurse told me that once in L/D, they would run some test and then they would see from there. I was really banking on them sending me home because I was not ready for Odin to be here yet. There was still a lot of things that I needed to do before he arrives! After a few hours, lots of visits from lots of different doctors, it was decided that labor was going to happen that day.

John took the kids back from Shelly and then took them to my mom's for the night. Around midnight I sent John back home because he had been up that morning since 4:30. He was hesitant about going, but he went home anyways. A few hours after he took off, things progressed quickly. The epidural was no longer working for me. I was having the shakes all over, which I had never had before with any of the other children. I called John to let him know that it was time. During the half and hour before he got there, I thought that he was going to miss the delivery. At that point I was very ok for that! Finally the doctors came, John came and then Odin came swiftly afterwards.

Odin had a massive amount of dark hair, super long eyelashes, and big hands just like his big brother. Perfect baby! We stayed at the hospital for 2 days where Odin did nothing, but sleep. Not I nor the nurses could get him to wake up and eat. When we went in to the pediatrician's for a well baby check up a few days later, Odin had lost a significant amount of weight. So we had to go back in a week, a week later, we had to go back in another week. Finally they were ok with his weight gain.

Sweet sleeping baby

Soph happily holding little brother



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