Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Odin at 2 months

Well Odin is a great baby! We are comparing this to Soph who never slept the first few months of her life! He is smiling, for the most part content unless he has business that needs to happen, and is loved very much by his siblings! He had his well baby check up and our little guy is still very little. He has only gained 2 lbs since his birth! He is in the 5th percentile. There is a part of me that gets a little sad when I look at him and think about how small he is, but then I have to remember that he is doing well. He is a great sleeper, ok at nursing and that Soph was small also in the beginning. Just not 5th percentile....We will see what the doctor wants us to do with him when we take him in a couple of months for another of his well baby visit.


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