Friday, May 3, 2013

Odin's roller coaster health ride

When Odin went in for his 4 months check up, he had only gained a few lbs from when he was born. Usually at this point, their weight would have double from their birth. The peds dr that we saw suggested that he have some formula to supplement the breast milk. She thought that my breast milk didn't have enough fat in it. We tried that for a couple of weeks and it wasn't making too much of a difference. At that point they really stressed giving him more formula as oppose to breastmilk. With this disappointment and lack of nursing, the well soon dried up. Thankfully I had plenty of frozen liquid gold from the previous months. 

Even with all the formula he was having, he was gaining weight at an extremely slow pace. Odin was the 0 percentile child. We tried to rule out any disorders by doing multiple blood draws, stool samples, and expensive testing. It was so frustrating when the results would come back negative on everything. We just wanted something that would give us an answer so we can move forward. 

After the more invasive testing was done where a specialist was consulted and the results were negative again, everyone was finally accepting that perhaps Odin was just suppose to be a smaller baby. 

Breast feeding was not an option anymore. I'm saddened that it did not end on my terms, but there is nothing that I can do about it now. 

Since then Odin has steadily gained weight. He is still small, moving into the 5th percentile range and hitting all the milestones for a baby. 

Throughout this ordeal, we've had to just let everything go, not stress and firmly believe that God would carry us through. No matter what the situation would have been. There was constant praying, crying, and a feeling of helplessness. But God has endured this with us. We are so thankful for the support we got from all of our friends and family. We are so richly blessed.

At 2 1/2 months
At 3 mths

At 4 mths

At 5 mths
At 7 mths
At 8 mths
As you can see in his face, not too much has changed in between the months. But he is an ever growing boy!


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