Thursday, May 9, 2013

Magnus is 2 years from the double digits!

That Magnus, we are so ever thankful for him. He is so smart, so compassionate, and quite a stinker! I mean in the literal sense of stinkyness! He is so good with Odin, seeks so much love and approval from his sister, but doesn't quite it it from her. Sometimes lacks total common sense that gets me in a tizzy. Bath taker that last for hours if I let him. When that does happen, he needs to take a potty break from bathing to do his business and then back in the tub he goes! Disgusting!!

Some things about Magnus right now:

Loves playing video games on dad's iPad

Reading anything and everything he can get his eyes on

Watching Shaun the sheep-I believe the show is made for toddlers, but it cracks him up


Digging holes in the yard-I think it's a subconscious trap for me to twist my ankle

Being an ambitious teacher to his sister when teaching her letters

Magnus our lives would not be the same without you in it! We are so blessed to have you as our first born and as our son. We look forward to your growth in the Lord. One day not too far, you will surpass your mom in height! We love you so much son. Happy late birthday!


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