Saturday, May 18, 2013


In our homeschool group, we always have a mom's retreat in the fall. This particular year, I was crying out that my son doesn't have any friends.

Magnus is a different kind of child. He is very gentle, very cautious, and has no assertive bone in his body. So we prayed for Magnus to have a friend come along.

A few years have passed from that retreat...Looking back, Magnus was just being Magnus and I was being an overly sensitive mom. Doubting my son, thinking there was something wrong with him and that's why he didn't have any playmates. At 5 years old, he doesn't have the skills to be a friend to the extent that I wanted him to be. I was expecting too much. As time passed, he has made great strides. I really shouldn't have been a basket case like that...

I am so thankful for our friend Shelly, who is just amazing! My heart is filled with love when I think of how conscientious she is that Magnus is always included, that she always encourages her kids to play with him, and how sensitive she is to my feelings about this.

Here is her son with our son enjoying the sun!


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