Friday, March 7, 2014

6 Hour Child

First off, let's say that we are so thankful for this little one. It seems the more babies we have the more happier they are. And he is one happy boy! Recently his sleeping habits have us over the moon! We know of no other baby that does this...he is only up with us for about 6 hours a day! What!?! That's right, we have the same reaction, but with giddyness! 
We put him down a little after 8pm, he plays in his room until 10ish, sometimes later and then goes to sleep on his own. In the morning, he'll wake up at10ish and then contently play in his room until 12. At which point, he is famished when he joins the family. While he is awake from then until 2:30ish, he eats and eat and eats. But then one must have a nap from all that food overload. He will nap until 6, perfect timing for dinner time. Where the same appetite demands to be fed. At 2 hours later, it is bedtime again.
How might you ask is this possible? Answer is, I dunno, but I'll take it!!! 
As we've learned in parenting, phases and stages don't last long so we'll milk this for as long as we can!!!

We would still love him if his sleeping/eating schedule was different, but it sure makes teaching his siblings much easier!


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