Sunday, March 30, 2014


After our first "professional photo shoot" with our friend JC, we went to Crepevine for a late lunch. (Late, because this mama did not want a messy mishap before getting our photos done. Yeah, I am a meany head!) These kids were extra ravenous, but they still had enough in them for a few more shots! 

 This is my all time hands down favorite photo of Odin. I think he knew that some fries were coming!

 Some times it is so hard to get a photo of Soph because she is so subconscious. She ends up making a scowly face or something really silly. I am glad she let that go and was able to give us a genuine smile because it just melts my heart when she does!

 Ahhh, look at this photo! Oh man, this is a glimpse of what this son of mine will look like when he gets older. There's nothing baby-ish about him any longer.

And one of the pics from our photo shoot. This is a pretty normal for us. Even though Magnus is getting heavier, he still wants to have "up, please". I'm so glad John doesn't have back problems. Magnus sure loves it!


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