Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Jay and Alicia's Wedding

What a treat this wedding was for the kids! They both got to be in the wedding and what a growing moment it was for the both of them. 

                                                              Ah, so beautiful and happy!

                                                 Checking out what was going on downstairs.

                                                     I think they were about to hold hands!


                                                                       Yay, here they come!

 Love how Magnus is holding Soren's hand. This was a big moment for Magnus. I think it clicked for him what it means to take the lead and be the example.

Two cool dudes!

Aw, my Soph. Barely dropping any petals...

She got confused and thought she had to stand up with the bridesmaids. So thankful she didn't have to. That would've ended the day sooner than we wanted.

                                                    Bride and her daddy! Sweet moment.

The newest member of the Saggu family! Congratulations to Alicia and Jay!!!


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