Monday, April 21, 2014

Quarryhill Botanical Garden

We went on this field trip with a Groupon purchase which made it super cheap. I like super cheap! This is out in Glen Ellen. 

Ah, the boys. Magnus being a great big brother and entertaining his brother while mom and dad cleaned up lunch!

And a field trip wouldn't be a great field trip until there's a dirty diaper that needs changing!

One of my favorite flowers. It smells oh so good!

One of the many flowers along the route.


It was quite a hot day and after a hike up, these guys were spent! Cue the bad attitude...

After sitting in the shade recuperating, we finally got some smiles!

It also helped that we found a water fountain. Everyone was happy to have some nice cold water!

Finding a waterfall and skipping over rocks was pretty fun too!

We gave Magnus the trail map and he was in charge of directing us.

All in all it was a great trip. Our only wish was for it to not be hot like it was that day.


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