Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Working the 12 Years

For our anniversary in July, we went to dinner at our friend's fancy restaurant in St. Helena, but since we had some time to kill, we stopped in Calistoga. We lurked in shops and laughed at the prices. Yes, we are jerks! At the end of town, there was a bunch of trees and on the trees there were these little note cards with messages on them. It was a no holds bar, safe environment kinda thing that you could write on the cards. 

Ask us how we know... 

 We were really curious to see what was written and we were sorry we were curious. For some reason, all the ones we looked at were really sad. One said, "I wished my husband was more tender towards me." Another one was," I wished my wife made love to me more often." What a sad thing to read on our "happy anniversary." But we prayed a silent prayer for them and went on our merry way. I hope one day they get to know love like we have.

Being/feeling blessed doesn't do justice to describe being married to this man. There are moments where he infuriates me just by the littlest things he does or says, but we can laugh at it a little later. For that, I am so thankful. I look forward to many more years of laughing together. Love you so much!


  1. Oh, my goodness! You guys are so cute! Your love is rich... a treasure in this life!


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