Thursday, April 24, 2014

Twin Hills Apple Farm

We love the apple farm! They make the best field trip and make the best foods!!! When it was apple picking season, we went and did a Upick. We love Upick! It connects you so much closer to the farm. 

While we were busy picking, Odin was busy eating. He loves apples as much as we do!

They were so proud that they were able to hold their baskets even though it was getting heavy.

Hmm, comparing apples to apples???

And another apple sampling!

At $1.99/lb for this many apples. It equals a lot of money...

When your belly is full and your hands are free, the next best thing is to play with dirt!

So happy with himself!

Look, we even found Mater!!!

We absolutely love this place! Unfortunately it has now closed and will probably be used for growing grapes instead of apples. So sad, but we sure enjoyed it while it was opened.


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