Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Soph's Halloween Costume

A few Halloweens ago, Soph's cousin Lilly was Little Red Riding Hood. At that time Soph was too little to understand what it was, but since then she has seen pictures of it. And whatever Cousin Lilly does, Soph must do too. Since she also has a mom who has such a big ego and doesn't like store bought costumes, one had to be made.

Look at that cutie! The cloak is mommy-made along with the dress. A bonus from this handmade item is that it will last a lot longer than some flimsy cheaply made store bought item.

Another bonus is this cutie loves anything mommy makes, especially if it twirls when she twirls!

I love the wooden button!

Ahhh, I love this girl!!!


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