Friday, April 11, 2014

Soph's is 4

 Back in July, this little beauty of ours, turned 4 years old. Soph in so many ways is so different than I am and yet in so many ways, she is so similar to me. I wished she had more of my better characteristics than those other ones.
At four years old she:
-has a quick temper(did I mention, she is like me)
-loves to accessorise
-is picky about her outfits
-is such a girly girl(loves skirts, dresses and putting on nail polish or chapstick)
-loves to hang on her daddy
-plays soldiers and Legos because that's what big brother does
-always tries to get us to give her dry cereal for breakfast
-is still taking a nap consistently

We love you Soph. You are so affectionate and we thoroughly enjoy getting hugs and kisses from you. Even the ones where you ask us to kiss you like the way mom and dad kiss!!!!


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