Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Contentious Love

Since Soph and Odin are closer in age, they have a contentious complicated relationship. Odin thinks that Soph is going to take his toy. Soph thinks that he will wreak her block house that she worked so hard on. So there's a lot of squeals, not of delight, but a tell tale sign that they need help. Someone needs to show them how to love and communicate. Sometimes, I am thankful for the opportunity to show them other times not so much. Like when it's the 5 millionth time...When is John coming home???

One morning, I came out of my room and found this. Soph had set up a play area for her brother. 

And then the stars must've aligned or something.

Happy little people, sitting together, even if it's for a small while. 


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