Monday, September 22, 2014

Promotion Night 2014

At the end of every school year, we have a Promotion Night to honor the kids. It's something we all look forward to. There's usually some sort of skit/video, a presentation of the families, an honoring of the moms, then dessert and fellowship.

My favorite part of the night is during the presentation of the families. Each child has a character trait that is chosen from their parents. It's such a chore to find one for each of the kids, but when you find one, you know it's the right one!  

Here are the kids practicing their songs the day before the big night.

 The only boys in their grade level. It's a good thing they like each other! Looking forward to seeing the shenanigans these two will come up with!

 Odin was super pleased when we put this shirt on for him! At that point everyone was already spruced up except for him, so when we put this on, he felt like he was part of the clan. It's so interesting to see how quickly they pick up on things!

 One of my sweet students! Man, these kids they grow and grow and grow. Here I am wearing 3 inch heels and she is almost as tall as I am. And she is only in 3rd grade!!!!

 A procession line lead by the Kindergarteners. Or in this case, the mature 4 year olds that were a part of the K class.

 Studly son!

 And beautiful Soph!

 One of my other favorite part of the night! The kids come down the aisle carrying flowers to give to their mama. Before we became a part of this group, I went to one of our friend's promotion night. Let me tell you, during this part of the night, I balled my eyes out! It was so sweet and it reaffirmed my desire to join in.
So now that I am on stage waiting for my children to bring me flowers, I don't ball my eyes out. I am too busy praying that they can make it towards me without fighting. That when they come up to me, I don't fall off stage and flash everyone my derriere and then some! So yeah, that's enough to keep the emotions in check!


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