Tuesday, June 15, 2010

An apron for Magnus

This is reversible! Since it is I made just one strap for the body and placed velcro to both sides of the ends. Then on one side of the body of the apron I put the other part of the velcro on. (Pardon the laundry and toys in the background. Sometimes I only have 2 secs to take pics before someone wants up please or food or to be in the picture)

The strap at the neck has elastic so it stretches to fit his noggin without having to deal with adjusting rings or anything of that sort.

I got this fabric a while back ago when Joann's was having some sort of holiday sale. This was $1.50 a yard and was totally cute not to get it. I've been wanting to make Magnus an apron for quite some time, but didn't have the right material. This was the right price and also paying homage to his dad's work. It took me maybe an hour to make it. I basically sewed all around the edges leaving a 3 inch gap on the body to insert the side strap and I left the top part unsewned until I figured out where I wanted the strap to be. Then I sewed both straps in and added the velcro and that was it. I wanted to make this as child friendly as I can.This means he can put it on all by himself without my help. That is always a plus!!!


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