Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A pinafore

After sewing my crazy complicated frock by friday, I was ready to sew something a little more simpler, like this pinafore. I think it is soooo cute!

I love the buttons on these! It's a little big on her now, so we'll see if next summer she can still fit into it.

I had to bribe her with some pizza rolls so she would stand up so I could get a better shot of the back piece. This girl loves food!

I added a sew on snap in the middle of the back because I wasn't sure how it would hold together. I didn't want it the split to part too much when she would bendover. A little modesty for the girl. This was less than 30 mins to do. The buttons were extras that came with some clothes I bought a while back. (I knew that there was going to be a use for those later). This is also lined. I wish I had taken a photo of the other side, but I didn't. After 2 mins of having this on Sopheary ate everything in sight that would stain so there goes the photo opp.


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