Saturday, July 10, 2010

Homeschool convention Weekend

John and I went to a homeschool convention here it town on Friday and Saturday and we came home with a really good feeling about our decision to homeschool Magnus. I am very excited to see him learn. There's also a slight anxiety feeling of the "what if's". What if we bought a cirriculum and end up not liking it, what are we going to do? What if Soph doesn't cooperate with our day? How am I going to manage with 2 kids and John being at work during the day? Lot's of what if's, but I know the Lord is faithful. He wouldn't have us consider homeschooling if homeschooling was not an option.

Anyways, during the conference we got to listen in to 3 great ladies speak about their homeschooling life. I learned quite a few things from them and about myself. One not so pleasant about me is that when I yell at Magnus I am not honoring the Lord or my son. This thought hasn't entered my mind in quite some time. It's just always been the norm around here. Now I will try not to do the crazy yelling act, but instead treat him with love and kindness. Something that I will need constant prayer about.


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