Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shoestring fries

Onion fries. Whatever you want to call they are good!!! Oh so good,not for your health, but good tasting. So simple too. I got the recipe from Pioneer Women. (That lady rocks)! I substituted seasoned salt for the salt in there thinking that I was going to add more flavor and save some time. Well, bad thinking. My stomach for some reason doesn't agree with seasoned salt. I can have all spices in it, just not in this format, I guess??? Anyways it was delicious while I ate it, but a few hours later I was balled over with stomach pain. Didn't know seasoned salt could be so potent. This happened a couple of years ago also, I just forgot. Never again!!! Besides my stomach pains, everyone else enjoyed this yummy onion fry very much.


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