Tuesday, July 6, 2010

So this is what Soph can do

Sorry I had to keep it in suspense. I didn't mean to. We had my niece stay with us all last week and that knocked out any time for blogging or sewing. Then midweek my 89 year old grandma was hopitalized for a few days. I thought this might have been the end of it for her, but what a trooper! They didn't have a diagnosis for her, but she is well. She is home and lovingly cared for by my aunt, uncle and load of cousins. I spent a half a day with her in the hospital (while John stayed home to take care of the three little ones. What an awesome husband!) She is so cute, so fragile yet so together.

Anyways, Soph can climb onto the couch! I am so in awe of this because it took Magnus such a long time to conquer this skill. She's got 2 new bottom teeth and that is probably why she was such a crankster last week.


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