Sunday, August 21, 2011

Magnus lost a 2nd tooth!

What a 10mins of craziness it was when that happened! I was making a bechamel sauce (a delicate process of cooking flour with butter). Which is not something you should walk away from.

Magnus says, "moom, I voost my thooth". I look over from the kitchen and sure enough he's got blood dripping from his mouth. Moment of panic, do I attend to Magnus or the sauce because it is going to burn if I leave. Common sense your son!!!!

So while I was helping him rinse out his mouth and apply pressure to his gums to stop the bleeding this is what my other lovely did to my room.

It didn't stop there. She continued a path of destruction into the "toy living room". All because she was free to roam for 10 mins.

Ugh! We love us some Soph.


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