Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our 10 Years Of Hard Work

It's actually longer than that if you count the four years we were together before we got married! I say hard work because that is exactly how it has been. If we didn't put in the work then we wouldn't have been able to see this kind of results!!!

I am so thankful that this was the road that was chosen for us. I am so in love with this man more than ever before! He is an awesomely amazing compassionate person that totally gets where I am coming from. He laughs at my silly jokes and goes along with my silly antics, yet stops me from becoming the fool. He is a great provider and most of all he loves the Lord with all of his heart.

We celebrated the day by taking the kids out to brunch. Magnus was so honored that he was included in our plans. It was so awesome to see him excited for our love. I think including the kids as a part of our anniversary celebration is a keeper! Later in the day John and I had a little date time and went out to the beach. We took pictures 

and then here are the out takes.


I am so thankful that we can laugh together! I hope that many more laughs will accompany the many more years together. We ended the night by picking up dinner from Panda Express. Going to the beach and eating at Panda Express was how John and I lived the majority of our high school years together. Perfect ending to a perfect day.


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