Monday, August 15, 2011

My 30

For my birthday, we had a 2 day celebration thing going on. (maybe it was to make up for someone forgetting their wife's birthday last year, but we won't mention any names around here)! Anyways, we spent some time at the beach for a few minutes before Magnus got sand in his eyes and we decided to cut that trip short. So we picked up some clam chowder from the Tides marketplace, played some video games and drove back home. Along the way home, I kept on seeing signs for Gravenstein apples. They are one of my favorites and they are in season now! We decided to make a stop at Mike's Fruit Stand over by our house and it was a very good decision!
Magnus's birthday card for me! He said he worked on this for 3 days because he wanted to keep it a secret from me!

There's me and him playing, some trees, some birds flying and Soph hiding behind one of the trees

The fruit stand had picnic benches there and this was the backdrop. How could we resist a place to sit and sample our goods we purchased!

Magnus loves going to this fruit stand, just for the candy itself! Maybe we should start calling it the candy stand instead?

Soph eating one of the yummy candies we bought there. She can spot candy a mile away!

The next day we went to SF to get some Banh Mi without the kids because my mom offerred to babysit. What a great 30th birthday celebration I had, doing all the things that I love with the people I love the most!!


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